Build powerful apps

with the world's best visual recognition technology and just few lines of code

Deep Learning for Computer Vision

Cost-effective web service built to understand visual media.

Lightning fast, easily scalable and highly precise

Every detection or image moderation is nearly instantaneous

Efortlessly handles millions of API calls daily

Almost 100% accuracy on all classifications

Build apps faster

Empower your creations with advanced machine vision.

Organize and Analyze Your Media

Give your apps a chance to understand the visual media that the world feeds it. Use our API endpoints to empower your creations and let them better organize and understand your data.

Better Understand Your Users

Apply intelligence to your images to understand the human factor behind them. Tag and find faces in your images to know and understand the emotions and needs behind your users inputs.

Moderate to Protect Your Brand

Automate the moderation process of your user-generated content. Automatically moderate or flag unwanted nudity that otherwise would end up on your website.

Save time & money

Say goodbye to mundane and costly operations. Classify media in real time with an effortless integration on your side. You pay as you go, and you only pay for what you use.

Thanks to our APIs, a lot of the mundane and costly tasks can be avoided. Easily classify and moderate the images that get uploaded to your services, do it automatically with a minimum effort in regard to implementation from your side. All of this in an affordable price!

Effortless integration

Integrate the API into your services in few easy steps

The simplest call

time_key="$(date +%s)$API_KEY"
api_sig=$(echo -n $time_key | openssl dgst -sha1 -hmac $API_SECRET | sed -e 's/^.* //')
curl "$API_KEY&api_sig=$api_sig&url="
For more information visit the documentation